Integrated Fisheries Commerce

End-To-End ECommerce Solution

For Marine & Fisheries

We believe with information technology and internet, we can help to create a fair fish trading, improve the livelihood of local fishermen, also bring an affordable and high-quality seafood for communities

Our Products

Integrated Fisheries Commerce

Real-time Supply Management

We Collect Real-Time Supply Data Directly From Local Fishermen

Fisheries Data Intelligent

We Dig Insight From Massive Seafood Supply And Market Data

Fisheries eCommerce Platform

We Connect The Fish Producer Directly To B2B Market

Our Team

We are a passionate team focused on digital and fisheries sector.

Farid Naufal Aslam

Chief Executive Officer

Indraka Fadhlillah

Chief Operating Officer

Utari Octavianty

Chief General Affair Officer

Ardi Arif Suden

Chief Technology Officer

Irham Ahada

Implementation Manager

Ranggi F. Muharram

Sales & Marketing Manager

Rizal Siregar

Supplier Relationship

Sheila Sheen

Media Marketing

Kuttria Ramona

Sales & Customer Support