Why Join The Navy?,
if You Can Be a Pirate

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Aruna consists of individuals who are committed to making better changes in the Indonesian fisheries sector. We believe with information technology and internet, we can help to create a fair fish trading, improve the livelihood of local fishermen, also bring an affordable and high-quality seafood for communities

Our Values


Aruna always prioritizes the values of humanity, social and cultural wisdom in every activity carried out together with Aruna partners. The principle of kinship, mutual cooperation which characterizes the people of the Indonesia archipelago is the main DNA of the Aruna team.

Customer & User first
Customer & User must be our people priority. To give the best benefit & experience for them.

We expect our people to have a will, commitment & passion to accomplish target

We believe diverse people with teamwork can enable the company to achieve extraordinary things.


Aruna always innovates in solving various problems and constantly adapts to the latest technological developments that can benefit Aruna partners and the fisheries community in Indonesia by maintaining local wisdom from each region.

We expect our people to have a freedom for theirself, not trapped by dogma. But this freedom doesn’t mean freedom from responsibility.

Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will. Embrace Change, be flexible, innovative and ready to adapt.

We expect our activity to give impact to our shareholder, beneficiries, society & environment.

Stories About Us

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