Aruna Integrated Fisheries Platform

Help your fishery

increase its reputation, sustainability, and revenue.

A transformative fishing app for
the well-managed fishery

Traceability System (ArTS) is a powerful, easy to use tool that raises the value of your seafood product. Electronically report your catch, prove sustainability, and increase the reputation of your seafood product.

Our Traceability System features:

Mobile & Web Apps
Access and input the data real-time and easily from your mobile phone and website

Fish Logbook
Record the history of your seafood from the oceans and aquaculture

Photo & geotagging
Validate your fishing ground area

Catch / Harvest Report
Analysis Help you to manage and analyze the trend of the catch/harvest data.

Tracking Map of product movement
Help you to analyze the movement of the seafood product

Dynamic product attribute
Customized the apps based on your product needed Seafood Traceability Scanner Scan the QR Code on the product to trace where the products come from