Integrated Fisheries Commerce

We Help to Create

a Fair & Transparent

Fish Trading

The Digital Revolution in Marine & Fisheries Industry

We Provide End-To-End eCommerce Solution For Marine & Fisheries

We believe with information technology and internet, we can help to create a fair fish trading, improve the livelihood of local fishermen, also bring an affordable and high-quality seafood for communities

Fisheries e-Commerce

Online Fisheries Trading Platform for Fisherman & Customer to connect each other

Integrated Fisheries System

a platform to help fisheries companies manage their data and operation efficiently

Realtime Supply Information

We collect real-time supply data directly from local fishermen

We cooperate with local fisherman group & cooperative to use our integrated platform. So, they can connect their data like price, stock, and their activity to our cloud services

Fisheries Data Intelligent

We dig insight from massive seafood supply and market data

We analyze massive data from our fishermen partner by using our big data analytic to get specific insight for business

Integrated Fisheries Commerce

We connect the fish producer directly to B2B Market

We create online trading platform for B2B buyer, so they can directly buy commodities from our fishermen partner

Aruna FIsheries Network

Become Our Partner, Join Aruna Fisherman Community

We already have partnership with thousands of fisherman group in Indonesia, and this network continues to grow.






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