Aruna Fishers’ Products: The Seafood Products Loved by the Americans!

Nakama Aruna

March 17, 2023

Seafood Expo North America

Seafood Expo North America (SENA) is the largest seafood expo in North America. Thousands of buyers and suppliers across the globe attend the annual three-day expo to network and do some business matching. Northern part of America is one of the major countries that actively imports seafood products from all over the world. Aruna Crab, a premium quality blue swimming crab product passionately made adhering to sustainability standards by Aruna, is one of the favorite products of many buyers there.

Aruna has been exploring the North American market since 2017 and still survives up to this very day. Aruna’s commitment to providing responsible seafood products is one of the factors influencing the recurring demand from the North American market. Consumers in foreign countries are very aware of the importance of traceability, sustainable fisheries, and Good Manufacturing Practices for every fishery product they buy and consume. Fulfilling these, Aruna Crab is the superior choice in a number of hotels, restaurants, and modern trades in North America.

The Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries intensively encourages the industry players to export fishery product commodities. Meanwhile, the 5 fishery product commodities that the government is targeting to go global are shrimp, lobster, crab, seaweed, and tilapia. Aruna as an integrated fisheries commerce and supply chain aggregator from Indonesia has helped the government enrich the export market. The 3 commodities from the government’s target, such as crabs, shrimp, and fish have been marketed by Aruna to international markets, especially the US.

“Aruna’s products have been in the international market for a long time, of course with different commodity focuses for each country. For example, the Aruna Crab is  recognized for its quality by the Americans,” said Utari Octavianty, the Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of Aruna. Currently, Aruna already has more than 23 superior fishery product commodities with international quality. Aruna products can be seen on Seafood by Aruna e-commerce.

Now, Aruna has grown together with Aruna’s 40,000 fishers and 500 coastal women in producing fishery products that meet the Global Food Safety Standards. With this, Aruna is increasingly optimistic about helping the government make the sea a better livelihood for all.

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