Celebrating the Month of Mutu Karantina (Quality Quarantine), Aruna Reminded Indonesians to Consume Fish

Nakama Aruna

March 20, 2023

Month Quality Quarantine

Aruna participated in the Fish Quality Quarantine Month program organized by the Fish Quarantine Agency, Quality Control and Fishery Product Safety in Semarang, (18-19 March). It’s an agency that assesses and guarantees the health and quality of fish. During the agenda, a unit under the agency, namely the Fish Processing and Business Unit was awarded by the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries for keeping the ideal standards and helping the ministry do some socialization about it. The agenda was then followed by a handover of quality and healthy fish to the representatives of Islamic Boarding Schools in the region and the communities around the area.

As is known, the program is part of the focus of the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to ensure that the quality of fishery products are in accordance with the standard set by the ministry. This program is also in line with the government’s attempt to encourage people’s interest in fish consumption. Having a similar campaign on fish consumption, Aruna was invited to participate to exhibit pelagic fish and crustacean commodities which are Aruna’s main commodities. By attending the event, Aruna showed that it fully supported the government’s efforts to encourage the improvement of the quality of Indonesian marine fishery products. Aruna also focuses on gradually educating 40,000 Aruna Fishers to maintain the quality of their catch.

“Right now, we constantly remind our fishers to catch not more than what they need and pay more attention to the quality of the fish they catch. Why chase a large number of catches from a poor quality, when we can catch enough with the best quality possible? We’ve found a matter like this challenging, so we need to continuously remind Aruna Fishers to maintain the quality of fresh fish. From the very beginning of the process, up until the products are received by the consumers. From sea to table, the products need to be at their best quality,” said Utari Octavianty, the Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer of Aruna.

Aruna responded to the program positively and also invited more Indonesians to consume fish. Fishery products are another source of animal protein that is also healthy and of course affordable, such as tuna, cob, skipjack, mackerel, and many others. Researches have also shown that fish has a good nutritions for the development of brain cells, especially for brain intelligence. Find our products at our website and e-commerce and let’s eat more fish!

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